Policies & Specifications

Below are links to the policies, specifications, and requirements for co-owners who wish to modify their units by installing an awning, building a deck, replacing a garage door, etc.

NOTE: Any co-owner who wishes to modify their unit must first submit a Modification Request/Agreement to the Board of Directors for review/approval. Modification Request/Agreements are reviewed once a month (at the monthly board meetings). The Board encourages co-owners to submit their requests as early as possible so there is little delay in having their request approved.

Bird Feeders, Signage, Decorations, Flags/Banners & Garage Doors


Exterior Paint Colors

IMPORTANT: Exterior paint colors are provided for informational purposes only. Exterior painting is only to be coordinated by the association. If you have exterior painting needs, please contact Select Community Management.

Front Door

Garage Door

Wood Trim

Garage Doors

Purchasing a replacement garage door?

Painting an existing garage door?

See above section on  "Exterior Paint Colors".


Pest Control

Ehrlich (formally Eradico)

Pest control services are provided by Ehrlich (formally Eradico). Contact Ehrlich by email only at centralmarketmajoraccounts@rentokil.com. NOTE: You 1) MUST copy Sabrina Allen (sallen@thecondopros.com) on the email and 2) MUST mention Bromley Park Condos and reference our contract number (#1522049). If you don't have access to email, you can call Select Management at (734) 663-1900. If there is no answer, press 0 and leave a message.


If you have shrubs that were planted by the original developer that are now dead and need replacing, then please contact Select Community Management at management@thecondopros.com or (734) 663-1900.

Smoke Alarms

WARNING: Working with electricity can be dangerous and even life threatening.  If you are uncomfortable working with electricity, please contact a licensed electrician or contact Select Community Management for a recommended vendor.

Co-owners who wish to replace a smoke alarm (that was installed by the original developer) with the same/similar model should use the following product:

Storm Doors

Option #1

Fox Aluminum Storm Doors (available through Woods Door Company)

Model: The Harmony 21SS 08 (self store).  

or Model: The Harmony 2108 (interchangeable).

Color: Sandal. 

Hardware: Polished Brass.

Contact information for the door company:  

Pam Woods at Woods Door Company

Phone: 248 661-5200, 

Address: 5684 Langlois St, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322, USA

Email: woodswindowanddoorinc.business.site

Option #2

Andersen Doors (available at Home Depot).

Model: The 3000 Series Full View Retractable Aluminum Storm Door

or Model: The 3000 Series Full View Interchangeable Aluminum Storm Door

Color: Sandtone

Hardware: Polished Brass

Option #3

Larson Doors (available at Lowe's).

Model:Larson Tradewinds Premium Sandstone Full-View Aluminum Storm Door with retractable screen

or Model: Larson Signature Classic Sandstone Full-View Aluminum Storm Door with removable screen

Color: Sandstone

Hardware: Polished Brass

Trash & Recycling

Trash and recycling pick-up at Bromley Park Condominiums is now handled by Priority Waste.

Weekly Pick-Up

Trash and recycling is picked-up by Priority Waste every Tuesday morning. Pick-up time is typically between 7 and 9 a.m. Trash and recycling bins should be placed at the end of the driveway for pick-up. Trash and recycling bins must be returned to garages no later than 11 a.m. the following morning.

Christmas Trees

Co-owners who are disposing of live Christmas trees must call Priority Waste at (586) 228-1200 at least one (1) day in advance of regular pick-up and request the disposal of the tree. When calling Priority Waste, ask to be transferred to the subscription representative for Bromley Park Condominiums in Superior Township. If the tree is longer than four (4) feet, then it must be cut in half. Place the tree (or tree pieces) next to the trash bin for pick-up.

Water Consumption

The Board monitors the water consumption by building within the Bromley Park Condominium Community (one meter per building). The average per unit consumption varies somewhat among the buildings… but sometimes we note that water consumption is quite high for one or another of the buildings. As you know, the Association pays the water bills for all units in the Community which means that everyone pays for the water that everyone uses through their dues. So, it is important for each unit owner and resident to be conscious of how water is used and the conditions that can lead to waste of this utility. For tips on how to conserve water, download the Water Consumption memo (pdf).


In order to preserve the aesthetic continuity of our buildings, co-owners who are replacing windows and/or a doorwall must first submit a Modification Request/Agreement. Additionally, all replacement windows/doorwalls must match "style-for-style" the pre-existing windows/doorwall. Window specifications are listed below: